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From Our District Director

We have already finished one month of this year; time is flying! It's time to make plans to attend three big events that will happen in the first half of this year: District Pow Wow, Brush Poppin' Trace, and National Camporama.

District Pow Wow. District Pow Wow is our largest camp for the year. We encourage you to bring all of your boys for Pow Wow this year. We have an outstanding speaker -- Jeremiah Hembree. Jeremiah is currently a missionary with Royal Rangers International. But he grew up in North Texas and attended Pow Wows at Lakeview as a boy. He is a graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

The theme for Pow Wow this year is Rangerlympic Games. We will have exciting games and activities for your boys to participate in, and a beautiful challenge coin for them to earn. Dinner Friday night will be CiCi's pizza; the rest of the meals will be your responsibility. The pre-registration deadline is April 6. Be sure to register by then to save money, and so that leaders who have not already completed the background check and video training course will have time to get it done before camp. The background check/video training is required every 12 months, so if you completed it for Kids Camp, JLDA, or Winter Camp last year you are still good for Pow Wow this year. But if you didn't attend one of those camps as a leader, you will need to do both of these.

The last couple of years we have experiemented with having a Ranger Kids Day Camp at Pow Wow and Winter Camp. We have decided that we cannot do a quality Day Camp while also trying to do Pow Wow and Winter Camp. So this year, we plan on holding a separate Day Camp this fall. If you want to bring your Ranger Kids to Pow Wow for the day on Saturday, they are welcome to come as visitors and have lunch with the older boys in the outpost campsite.

The packet for Pow Wow is available on the district website.

Brush Poppin' Trace and FCF Newsletter. The Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship trace is open to all Royal Rangers. We certainly encourage members to be there, but if you are curious about what FCF is all about, come spend a weekend with us. You and your boys can see what it's like to camp with the FCF, and participate in the activities like hawk and knife throwing. Trace will be held at Lakeview February 21-23. Be sure to pre-register by February 8 as leaders have to complete the required background check and video training course. No leader can register at the camp unless this course and background check is already complete. The information packet for Brush Poppin' Trace may be found here.

Our FCF has also published a new edition of the Smoke Signal newsletter. In this newsletter you fill find information on our new district FCF staff, changes to our dues for members (you will certainly want to check this one out), information on the Frontier Adventure for people to join the FCF, more information on Brush Poppin' Trace, and a devotional from Prospector.

National Camporama. For many boys, attending National Camporama is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. It will be held this year July 20-24 at our national campgrounds in Missouri. The early bird pricing is valid from not to April 30.

Information on Camporama may be found here.

I'm praying for a great year for the Royal Rangers ministry in your church and our district. Let me know if there's any way I can help you in your ministry to the boys of your church and community.


January 1, 2020

From Our District Director

Happy New Year! We just finished our winter Junior Leadership Training Academy with 22 boys attending three different camps. Thanks to all of the leaders who took time during the holiday season to help these boys have a great time. Three boys finished their Academy Tomahawk by completing three camps from RTC, FBC, and AMC, and several boys completed their fourth camp to earn their Academy Saber.

Update on Prayer Request for Debbie Trower. I want to thank everyone for their prayers for my wife Debbie. Just minutes after posting the prayer request for her last Saturday she had another major TIA, requiring a rapid response of the medical team at the hospital to stabilize her. But after another mild TIA later that night, she has had no further episodes. She finally was able to come home yesterday. Please keep her in your prayers. The doctors are running one more test, and she has follow-up appointments with her cardiologist and neurologist.

Annual Staff Meeting. Because of my wife's hospitalization, I have not had the time to prepare for the annual staff meeting like I normally would. In addition, I'm uncomfortable leaving Debbie at home by herself too long until her follow-up appointments with her doctors. Thus, the annual staff meeting scheduled for this Saturday is cancelled. I will be putting together some materials and will e-mail them to all of the staff members. Our new FCF staff WILL still meet this weekend as previously scheduled.

Ranger Essentials in Wichita Falls. On Saturday, January 11 we will hold a Ranger Essentials at Heritage AG in Wichita Falls. The class will begin at 9:00 a.m. Cost is $20. Please let me know if you plan on attending.

"Retired" Royal Rangers Leaders. Are you no longer actively involved with a Royal Rangers outpost yet would like to help with Pow Wow, Winter Camp, and/or JLDA camps? If you love God and have a burden for boys, we could use your help with food service, games and activities, service prep, etc. We would like to free up active leaders to be able to bring their boys to camps. If you might like to come out of retirement from time to time, contact me and we'll explore how to best use your skills at our camps.

I'm praying for a great year for the Royal Rangers ministry in your church and our district. Let me know if there's any way I can help you in your ministry to the boys of your community.


School of the Piece

We will be holding a School of the Piece camp at Lakeview January 17-19 for anyone (high school or adult) interested in learning how to shoot a variety of black powder cannons and artillery pieces. An information packet and registration form is available here. The pre-registration deadline is January 3 (postmark by that date).

FCF Brush Poppin' Trace

Our 2020 FCF Brush Poppin' Trace will be held at The Royal Rangers Camp at Lakeview February 21-23. Our Trace is open to any Royal Ranger, so make plans now to attend. A registration packet will be posted soon.