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FCF Trades

Shawnee Trail Member Trades

This list is maintained from information supplied from the FCF staff. If you feel there is an error or your name does not appear below, please contact the FCF Scribe. All updates will occur within 2 hours after receiving the information from the FCF Scribe. The list shows active members only.

Last updated 06/21/2018.

3 Claws --unknown--
Bald Eagle Beading
Bar'd Owl Leather Craft
Big Fish Necklace Maker
Bigfoot Beadwork / Leather Craft
Big Horn Horn Craft
Bladesman Sword Maker
Blazing Heart --unknown--
Bow Breaker Wood Turning
Brave Heart Soap Maker
Buck Antler Work
Burning Bush Carpenter / Box Maker
Cast Iron Cooking
Cha Tarak Knife Maker
Chipmunk --unknown--
Coal Gunsmith
Cougar --unknown--
Crimson Blade Milner
Dreamer Author / Illustrator
Fire Dog Fire Fighting Tools
Fire Starter Carpenter
Five Buckets Cooper
Flaming Arrow Carpentry
Flintlock Tinker
Fracture Blacksmith
Giant Slayer --unknown--
Gospel Taylor Tailoring
Jawbone Tinker
Kind Heart Bee Keeping
Lawman Leather Smith
Light House Candle Making
Like Wolf Candle Maker
Like Fire Lantern Maker
Lion Heart Bead Worker
Little Beaver Soap Maker
Living Waters Necklaces
Lone Eagle --unknown--
Lone Star Leather Craft
Long Shot Scrimshaw
Longhorn Leather
Many Hills Sash Maker
Moving Waters Box Making
Parting Waters Beading
Pathlighter Wood Wright
Prospector Polishing Rocks
Pure Heart Wood Working
Red Wing Flute Making & Playing
Red Wood Wood Worker
River Runner Necklace Making
Running Turtle Tanning and Beading
Soaring Eagle Knife Making / Leathercraft
Shining White Cloud --unknown--
Shofar Wood Carving
Skimmerhorn --unknown
Skywatcher Canteens
Smooth Stone Tinker
Spiritwalker Leather Craft
Spotted Bull Leather Work
Straight Stitch Leather Work
String Bean Blacksmith
Strong Tower Carpenter
Thunder Steel Gunsmith
Thundering Buffalo --unknown--
Tinker Bell Cooking
Trailblazer Cartographer
Two Bears Leather Work
Two Towers Leather
Wabbit --unknown--
Watchman Lantern Maker
White Wolf Whitesmithing
Wild Wind Wood Crafter
Wing Feather Arrow Maker
Wychialo Gunsmith
Yarn Spinner Rug Making

FCF Trades

A list of possible FCF trades for those members who do not have one yet and trades of current Active FCF members.

Below is a list of trades / skills / professions that would be done during the time period that FCF is trying to portray (1800 - 1840's). If you know of a trade / skill / profession that we have left off the list, please let us know.

  • Apothecary (pharmacist)
  • Barber
  • Bookbinder
  • Breeches maker
  • Brick maker
  • Blacksmith
  • Cabinet maker
  • Carpenter – Joiner
  • Chandler (candle maker)
  • Coach maker
  • Cooper (makes/repairs wooden barrels & tubs)
  • Cutler (makes, sells, & repairs knives &  scissors)
  • Farrier (shoes horses)
  • Goldsmith (banker)
  • Gunsmith
  • Hatter (makes, sells, & repairs hats)
  • Leather Dresser
  • Mantua maker (dressmaker)
  • Merchant (travels around selling trade wears)
  • Milliner (makes, trims, designs, or sells hats)
  • Music Teacher
  • Printer (published newspaper, sold books and materials, served as postmaster)
  • Rope maker
  • Saddler (makes, sells, or repairs equipment for horses)
  • Scrimshaw / Scrim Sander (tooled art or maps on powder horns and bone items)
  • Shoemaker / Cobbler (make or repair shoes)
  • Silversmith (makes, repairs, or re-plates articles of silver)
  • Tanner (tans animal hides)
  • Tavern Keeper
  • Tinsmith (makes cups, bowls, plates and canteens out of tin)
  • Weaver (rug maker and sashes)
  • Wheelwright (made wheels and carts)
  • Wigmaker