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FCF Frontiersmen Members

Active Frontiersmen Members

This list is maintained from information supplied from the FCF staff. If you feel there is an error or your name does not appear below, please contact the FCF Scribe. All updates will occur within 2 hours after receiving the information from the FCF Scribe.

Remember, to be an active Frontiersmen member, you must be current on your dues and attend at least one FCF event per year.

These members have their dues paid for the current year and is an active member (2018).  Remember yearly dues expire at the end of each calendar year.

Last Updated 9/30/2019.

Boaz, J
Bogado, N
Harris, J
Hart, J
Hershberger, G
Moran, M
Oliver, K
Ortner, J
Pratt, R


Pending FCF Members

These members had not paid their dues in over 3 years.  They are now current on their dues but in order to become an active member, they must work an adventure first.



In-Active Frontiersmen Members

These members last paid their dues in 2017, 2016, or 2015. They are not current with 2018.


Adams, A
Adams, K
Adams, Z.
Applegate, M
Bell, J
Black, A
Bradley, T
Briggs, J
Bright, L
Brincefield, D
Brown, P
Burnett, D
Byers, E
Byers, E
Carpenter, J
Carson, S
Carter, A
Carter, M
Chambers, E
Clay, K
Cole, W
Conner, T
Daugherty, R
Davis, A
Davis, D
Davis, J
DelGado, J
Dotson, A
Dougherty, P
Epperson, J
Farris, D
Foster, J
Fox, C
Gaines, M
Gallops, J
Galloway, S
Garcia, M
Garza, J
Gibbs, D
Gilcrease, S
Goodnow, T
Graham, L
Greathouse, D
Halvorsen, A
Halvorsen, D
Harris, E
Hay, S
Hayle, L
Heard, E
Hipshire, D
Hipshire, M
Husketh, J
Hyde, M
Landoni, J
Lewis, N
Lyon, M
Maxey, C
Maxey, T
McConnell, A
McGee, J
McGee, P
McRee, D
Mengluis, M
Miller, E
Mills, J
Moffatt, A
Money, A
Murphy, D
Ortiz, O
Parker, J
Parker, S
Parker, X
Parks, D
Quinn, J
Reagan, M
Rettinger, M
Rodriguez, J
Ross, N
Rubianes, J
Salmeron, E
Salmeron, G
Salmeron, J
Sanchez, B
Sanders, J
Schaefer, J
Smalley, J
Smith, Z
Stephens, J
Stokes, M
Stone, M
Tatum, N
Terry, N
Thorson, L
Torres, J
Tovar, A
Townson, T
Trevino, E
Trower, J
Vanderburg, S
Vossler, A
Ward, J
Watson, J
Weible, J
Weible, M
Weitner, W
Whitehead, S
Wilson, J
Worsham, E
Zaragoza, G
Zaragoza, C


Archived Frontiersmen Members

Anyone over 3 years past due for your yearly dues, has been moved to an archived lists that is not available online (2014 and older). If you feel you are on this list, please contact the FCF Scribe about paying your dues.