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FCF Outstanding Service Award

April 2013 - Lee 'Prospector' Fogleman Honored

Virtually every boy who has attended a Pow Wow or Winter Camp in the North Texas District knows Prospector. He always sets up his trading goods in the FCF village and boys flock by his site to trade for his treasures. At Pow Wow 2013 Prospector was presented with the 9th Outstanding FCF Service Award to be presented in this country. Below is part of the documentation that was sent in to the National FCF Committee when applying for this award for Prospector.

I would like to start by saying there is not a single boy in the North Texas District, and even many in surrounding districts, who does not know or has heard of “Prospector.” When a new Ranger boy comes to his first camp-out in North Texas, part of his introduction to Royal Rangers camping is an introduction to Prospector. Lee Fogleman, at great sacrifice to him and his family, has made a ministry of trading with the boys. I have many times seen Prospector trade a rock for some treasure the boy saw in Prospector’s “trading inventory.” Prospector truly cares for these boys and the ministry of FCF. There is no better example to the men or the boys in and out of FCF. He truly exemplifies the meaning of our motto: “To Give and To Serve.”

Everyone he meets receives one of his hand-sewn pouches and hears the Gospel message that it represents. Every boy that comes to his tent to trade meets him and he shakes the hand of every boy or man and prays over them.

Lee has been a member of our FCF chapter for about 20 years. He served as vice president of the NTX Shawnee Trail Chapter for 2 years, as our Wilderness Rep for 6 years, and for the last 3 years he has served as our chapter’s chaplain. In addition, he currently serves as the sectional commander for the Greenville section and as a certified instructor. He previously served as a divisional commander.

I can’t remember very many camp-outs that Lee missed. Whenever he is not at a camp it has been due to his health, and he is sorely missed by everyone. I truly believe his favorite place is in front of his FCF tent sharing Christ and trading with the boys.

Lee’s example of the FCF Motto – to give and to serve – is the reason my sons, Matthew (current national FCF scout) and Luke, and I became members of FCF. We serve and give there today following in Prospector’s footsteps. We will never be able to replace Prospector and his example to others in the FCF Motto and in leadership and mentoring the boys and men in the Royal Rangers ministry.

- Ron “Pure Heart” Goodnow, chapter president

December 2012 - Art 'Flintlock' Sullivan Honored

In December 2012, Art ‘Flintlock’ Sullivan was award the National Outstanding FCF Service Award. He is the 8th person in the United States receiving this award. It was presented by District Director Jonathan ‘Big Foot’ Trower and at the time incoming Shawnee Trail Chapter President Ron ‘Pure Heart’ Goodnow.