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Adventure Bronze Award Recipients

This information is pulled from the national office listings on their resource pages. If a boy has received his award but not listed below, please validate it has been posted to the national site before contacting anyone. Thanks.

Last Updated 02/24/2019.

2019 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient

2018 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient

2017 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient

2016 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B2016-052 February 2016 Trey Atkeisson
B2016-057 February 2016 Steely Gill
B2016-058 February 2016 Hunter Edwards
B2016-105 March 2016 Mark Escobedo
B2016-106 March 2016 Joseph Gonzalez
B2016-107 March 2016 Nathan Richey
B2016-170 April 2016 Steven Parker
B2016-171 April 2016 Caleb McIntire
B2016-172 April 2016 Christopher Blankenship
B2016-319 July 2016 Chris Vincent
B2016-320 July 2016 Michael Schmidt
B2016-424 September 2016 Matthew Moran

2015 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B2015-008 January 2015 Keylan Cook
B2015-113 March 2015 Coleman Nadeau
B2015-114 March 2015 Peyton McGee
B2015-286 June 2015 Devin Greathouse
B2015-297 June 2015 Andrew Benners
B2015-349 July 2015 Brady Colley
B2015-401 July 2015 Isaiah Martinez
B2015-407 July 2015 Ian Harned
B2015-464 August 2015 Caleb Maxey
B2015-465 August 2015 Jacob Ward
B2015-518 September 2015 Jonathon Hurst
B2015-519 September 2015 Kristopher Hurst
B2015-520 September 2015 Bryson Shull
B2015-521 September 2015 Kolton Schmidt
B2015-641 December 2015 Noah Bogado
B2015-642 December 2015 Josiah Pimentel

2014 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B2014-013 January 2014 Demalia Murphy
B2014-014 January 2014 Stephen Gilcrease
B2014-020 January 2014 Sam Safaei-Mehro
B2014-028 January 2014 Kaleb Flores
B2014-034 February 2014 Joseph Bryce
B2014-035 February 2014 Chris Cole
B2014-036 February 2014 David Hipshire
B2014-037 February 2014 Lane Graham
B2014-038 February 2014 Joshua Johnson
B2014-045 February 2014 Jesse Laughlin
B2014-082 March 2014 Andrew Jech
B2014-083 March 2014 Matthew Reagan
B2014-098 March 2014 Liam Hayle
B2014-099 March 2014 Jacob Boaz
B2014-100 March 2014 Patrick Daugherty
B2014-118 April 2014 Elias Trevino
B2014-119 April 2014 Oscar Ortiz
B2014-132 April 2014 Isaac Grey
B2014-133 April 2014 Daniel Anderson
B2014-240 June 2014 Andy Jeter
B2014-318 July 2014 Stevan Holliday
B2014-355 July 2014 Dylan Silva
B2014-381 August 2014 Emmanuel Salmeron
B2014-384 August 2014 Adriel Leal
B2014-385 August 2014 David Peterson
B2014-444 October 2014 Carter Weakley
B2014-445 October 2014 Neil Edward Byers
B2014-446 October 2014 Jacob M. Bell
B2014-506 October 2014 Moses Menghis
B2014-557 November 2014 Tedrick White
B2014-558 November 2014 Asa Henderson
B2014-559 November 2014 Ariel Henderson
B2014-560 November 2014 Caleb Hare
B2014-589 December 2014 David Burnett 
B2014-590 December 2014 Byron Parada, Jr.
B2014-591 December 2014 Jacob Sanders
B2014-597 December 2014 Jonathan Hart
B2014-598 December 2014 Steven Sanchez

2013 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B011-2013 January 2013 Payton McClain
B012-2013 January 2013 Colton McClain
B013-2013 January 2013 Jaaron Carpenter
B014-2013 January 2013 Bobby Brown
B015-2013 January 2013 Andrew Brown
B016-2013 January 2013 Aaron Carter
B017-2013 January 2013 Xavier Parker
B046-2013 January 2013 Dakota Bledsoe
B091-2013 February 2013 Marcos Flores
B092-2013 February 2013 Jonathan Parker
B118-2013 March 2013 Eric Miller
B232-2013 May 2013 Christopher Schlotte
B234-2013 May 2013 Ryder Coffman
B235-2013 May 2013 Henry Boswell
B236-2013 May 2013 Robert Berry
B339-2013 July 2013 Mark Moran
B341-2013 July 2013 Vince Escabedo
B351-2013 July 2013 Floyd Chambers
B368-2013 August 2013 Mason Wilkins
B380-2013 August 2013 Christopher Newton
B381-2013 August 2013 Joshua Davis
B382-2013 August 2013 Alex Halvorsen
B383-2013 August 2013 David Halvorsen
B389-2013 August 2013 John Bolo
B391-2013 August 2013 Jeremiah Stephens
B392-2013 August 2013 James Landers
B399-2013 August 2013 Elisha Hill
B400-2013 August 2013 Ben Nelon
B401-2013 August 2013 Justin Watson
B402-2013 August 2013 Ethan Heard
B403-2013 August 2013 Nathan McLain
B404-2013 August 2013 Garrett Griffin
B440-2013 September 2013 Matthew Keenan
B441-2013 September 2013 Patrick Keenan
B478-2013 October 2013 Samuel Grey
B2013-546 November 2013 Luis Mendez
B2013-547 November 2013 Gary Wheeler
B2013-551 November 2013 Marco Mogdeleno
B2013-552 November 2013 John Salmeron
B2013-574 December 2013 Brandon Gerding
B2013-575 December 2013 Zachary Wright
B2013-576 December 2013 Stone Nichols

2012 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B058-2012 February 2012 Justin Gallops
B059-2012 February 2012 Caleb Fox
B098-2012 March 2012 Colton Harris
B131-2012 April 2012 Michael Webb
B152-2012 April 2012 Freddie Lee
B153-2012 April 2012 Timothy Lockhart, Jr.
B158-2012 April 2012 Christian Allen
B159-2012 April 2012 Josh Clousing
S163-2012 April 2012 Daniel Kohn
B210-2012 June 2012 Jonathan Phillips, Jr.
B248-2012 June 2012 Reagan Zaragoza
B249-2012 June 2012 Ryan Cormia
B281-2012 July 2012 Shawn Cunningham
B288-2012 July 2012 Isaiah Adams
B290-2012 July 2012 Jonathan Burchett
B291-2012 July 2012 Samuel Escalona
B292-2012 July 2012 Austin Burchett
B293-2012 July 2012 Eric Pope
B294-2012 July 2012 Dalton Pope
B297-2012 July 2012 Colton Colley
B298-2012 July 2012 Michael Stone
B389-2012 September 2012 Jonathan Hulbert
B403-2012 September 2012 Randy Daugherty
B404-2012 September 2012 Aron Money
B454-2012 October 2012 Samuel Carson
B496-2012 November 2012 Austin Marshall
B529-2012 December 2012 Timothy Conner, Jr.
B550-2012 December 2012 Aaron Tovar

2011 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B049-2011 February 2011 Tanner Farley
B074-2011 March 2011 Brandon Dye
B076-2011 March 2011 Peyton Phelps
B079-2011 April 2011 Adian Reed
B080-2011 April 2011 Elliot Worsham
B081-2011 April 2011 Matthew Hipshire
B105-2011 April 2011 Reed Lewis
B206-2011 June 2011 Zac Smith
B207-2011 June 2011 Samuel Peterson
B208-2011 June 2011 Samuel Garza
B349-2011 September 2011 Anthony Tinajero
B371-2011 September 2011 Matthew Talton
B372-2011 September 2011 Benjamin Sanchez
B373-2011 September 2011 Joel Abraham
B395-2011 September 2011 Ezra DeLaGarza
B396-2011 September 2011 Seth Moran
B416-2011 October 2011 Grayson Zaragoza
B497-2011 November 2011 Nick Kohn
B500-2011 November 2011 Michael Peterson
B501-2011 November 2011 Joel James

2010 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B007-2010 January 2010 Aaron Black
B015-2010 January 2010 Amos Magnum
B036-2010 February 2010 Charles Hamilton
B037-2010 February 2010 Jonathan Foster
B044-2010 February 2010 Brandon Lewis
B055-2010 March 2010 Joshua Carson
B070-2010 March 2010 John Johnson
B077-2010 March 2010 Charles Martin
B111-2010 April 2010 Judah Pattee
B117-2010 April 2010 Andrew Dahlstrom
B121-2010 April 2010 Ben McConnell
B122-2010 April 2010 Andrew McConnell
B123-2010 April 2010 Davirus Watson
B124-2010 April 2010 Andrew Carter
B153-2010 April 2010 Warren Weitner
B166-2010 May 2010 Jordan Smalley
B184-2010 May 2010 William Townson
B232-2010 May 2010 Hans Soland
B233-2010 May 2010 Joel Trevino
B304-2010 July 2010 Lucas Chester
B309-2010 July 2010 Patrick Fenton
B310-2010 July 2010 Ethan Harvey
B312-2010 July 2010 Derrick Farris
B322-2010 July 2010 William Flathers
B323-2010 July 2010 Dakota McRee
B330-2010 July 2010 Jon Schober
B345-2010 July 2010 Dalton Gibbs
B346-2010 July 2010 Jesse Rubianes
B408-2010 August 2010 Timothy Schutz
B512-2010 October 2010 Steven Mathew

2009 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B009-2009 January 2009 Matthew Kohn
B010-2009 January 2009 William Lane
B087-2009 March 2009 Rusty Lewis
B112-2009 March 2009 Michael Daniels
B113-2009 March 2009 Kameron Kersey
B142-2009 April 2009 Thomas Brown
B146-2009 April 2009 Luke Goodnow
B147-2009 April 2009 Elisha Harris
B159-2009 April 2009 Joseph Millican
B222-2009 May 2009 Dylon Conner
B287-2009 June 2009 Peter Steiert
B343-2009 July 2009 Brent Draper, Jr.
B344-2009 July 2009 Andrew Adams
B357-2009 July 2009 Heath Marshall
B358-2009 July 2009 Matthew Baker
B359-2009 July 2009 Grant Bielitz
B406-2009 August 2009 Zachary Hulbert
B407-2009 August 2009 Weston Weitner
B408-2009 August 2009 Zook Lyons
B432-2009 August 2009 Trevor Wooten
B476-2009 September 2009 Conner Anderson
B477-2009 September 2009 Ian Bush
B498-2009 September 2009 Mark Dunk
B500-2009 September 2009 Trent Bradley
B567-2009 November 2009 Kirk Clay
B615-2009 December 2009 Tarrence Winter
B616-2009 December 2009 Stephen Castilleja
B617-2009 December 2009 Seth DeHart
B618-2009 December 2009 Kent Vandover
B619-2009 December 2009 Jacob Lieja
B620-2009 December 2009 Case Vandover
B621-2009 December 2009 Anthony Castillo

2008 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B064-2008 February 2008 Ethan Chambers
B073-2008 February 2008 Jeremy Schaefer
B124-2008 March 2008 Andres Cabrera
B125-2008 March 2008 Natan Cabrera
B126-2008 March 2008 Jacob Darnell
B205-2008 April 2008 Samuel Cooper
B258-2008 May 2008 Tony Chambers
B291-2008 June 2008 David Woodbury
B300-2008 June 2008 Chris Schultz
B312-2008 June 2008 Maxx Wadsworth
B313-2008 June 2008 Forest Wyly
B323-2008 June 2008 Aaron Schulz
B324-2008 June 2008 John Briggs
B331-2008 June 2008 Kim Ortega
B346-2008 July 2008 Mark Oliver
B347-2008 July 2008 Max Nelon
B348-2008 July 2008 Joseph Schaefer
B349-2008 July 2008 Timothy Ivy
B353-2008 July 2008 Jonathan Rimmer
B380-2008 July 2008 Micah Carter
B381-2008 July 2008 Connor Harold
B382-2008 July 2008 Harley Liechty
B383-2008 July 2008 Kendall Shields
B384-2008 July 2008 Matthew Weible
B392-2008 July 2008 Caleb Follis
B405-2008 July 2008 Kyle Ballard
B406-2008 July 2008 James Albritton
B424-2008 August 2008 Isaac Carbajal
B453-2008 August 2008 Taylor Beavers
B481-2008 August 2008 Matthew Goodnow
B482-2008 August 2008 Ethan Groce
B496-2008 September 2008 Matthew Tompkins
B507-2008 September 2008 Jonathan Stanelle
B508-2008 September 2008 David Trambley
B511-2008 September 2008 Jonah Griggs
B512-2008 September 2008 Jerrod Avants
B513-2008 September 2008 Devon Tinney
B517-2008 September 2008 Christopher Shook
B518-2008 September 2008 Jason Waldeck
B519-2008 September 2008 Jesse Pannill
B520-2008 September 2008 Jason Berg
B543-2008 September 2008 David Daugherty
B577-2008 October 2008 Caleb Saucedo
B655-2008 November 2008 Mason Hyde
B667-2008 November 2008 Robert Smillie
B668-2008 November 2008 Jonathan Smillie

2007 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B015-2007 January 2007 Jonas Poland
B047-2007 February 2007 Jeremy Morgan
B048-2007 February 2007 Greg Nieman
B059-2007 February 2007 Tyler Powell
B072-2007 February 2007 Justin Lentz
B073-2007 February 2007 Cameron Maxey
B099-2007 February 2007 Matthew Hellar
B101-2007 March 2007 Kale Kersey
B117-2007 March 2007 Josh Crabill
B305-2007 June 2007 Duke Pool
B324-2007 June 2007 Kris Thomas
B325-2007 June 2007 Stuart Slayton
B328-2007 June 2007 Davion Elliott
B329-2007 June 2007 Benjamin Fenton
B372-2007 July 2007 Billy Dyson
B379-2007 July 2007 Steven Armentrout
B380-2007 July 2007 Aaron Nail
B381-2007 July 2007 Timothy Foster
B383-2007 July 2007 Cody Atchley
B384-2007 July 2007 Nathan Lewis
B385-2007 July 2007 Truett Lewis
B407-2007 August 2007 Joseph Hargrove
B408-2007 August 2007 Clay Hartzoge
B410-2007 August 2007 Nathan Schulz
B420-2007 August 2007 Garrett Bussey
B421-2007 August 2007 Sebastian Allen
B435-2007 August 2007 Matthew Barber
B452-2007 August 2007 Steven Guardado
B453-2007 August 2007 Alex Cervantes
B572-2007 October 2007 Tobias Garner

2006 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B004-2006 January 2006 Jeremy Caldwell
B046-2006 February 2006 Jonathan King
B079-2006 March 2006 Bradley Kuklenski
B080-2006 March 2006 Joel Kuklenski
B083-2006 March 2006 Alex Mangum
B137-2006 April 2006 Jeremy PRater
B147-2006 April 2006 Roy Swindle
B148-2006 April 2006 Codie Hodges
B209-2006 May 2006 Christopher Ellison
B259-2006 June 2006 Colby Perkins
B286-2006 July 2006 Brent Oldaker
B287-2006 July 2006 Timothy Graves
B345-2006 August 2006 Andrew Lewis
B382-2006 September 2006 Stephen Banks
B456-2006 October 2006 Brenton Shull, Jr.
B477-2006 November 2006 Zachariah Villarreal
B526-2006 December 2006 Hunter Funk
B562-2006 December 2006 Joshua Howard

2005 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B027-2005 January 2005 Steven Outland
B035-2005 February 2005 Peter Bennett
B043-2005 February 2005 Chase Beavers
B063-2005 February 2005 Eugene Chambers III
B077-2005 March 2005 Jonathan Harris
B148-2005 April 2005 Bradley Nelson
B149-2005 April 2005 Jacob Nelson
B150-2005 April 2005 Zachary Nickel
B153-2005 April 2005 Spencer Phinney
B154-2005 April 2005 Christopher Williams
B208-2005 May 2005 Michael Haley
B222-2005 May 2005 Zachary Nelon
B237-2005 June 2005 David Hernandez
B238-2005 June 2005 Nathaniel Darnell
B241-2005 June 2005 Harlan Dixon
B253-2005 June 2005 Jonathan Havel
B254-2005 June 2005 Rudy Martinez
B279-2005 July 2005 Taylor Matney
B282-2005 July 2005 Peter McMurray
B288-2005 July 2005 Graham Townson
B291-2005 July 2005 Matthew Briggs
B324-2005 August 2005 Stphen Warne
B372-2005 September 2005 Heath Hines
B382-2005 September 2005 Gaibriel Harris
B385-2005 September 2005 Nathan Maxwell
B400-2005 September 2005 Josiah Coburn
B473-2005 November 2005 Michael Grimes
B474-2005 November 2005 Luke Lukasheay
B482-2005 November 2005 Anthony Wadsworth

2004 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B012-2004 January 2004 Thomas Lewis, Jr.
B019-2004 February 2004 Raymond Stoltzfus
B049-2004 February 2004 Caleb Baley
B082-2004 March 2004 Montana Darnell
B106-2004 April 2004 Brock Boggs
B135-2004 April 2004 Aaron Cooper
B141-2004 April 2004 Tyler Shaw
B142-2004 April 2004 Joshua Newsome
B165-2004 May 2004 Daniel Weeks
B166-2004 May 2004 Steven Weeks
B178-2004 May 2004 Mark Musquiz
B209-2004 June 2004 Frank Super
B210-2004 June 2004 Jacob Rushing
B244-2004 June 2004 Garrett Allen
B245-2004 June 2004 Bobby Kutej
B251-2004 July 2004 Zachary Atchison
B252-2004 July 2004 Brantley Johansen
B253-2004 July 2004 Kenneth Green
B254-2004 July 2004 Jeffrey Green
B256-2004 July 2004 Jeremy Tinsley
B267-2004 July 2004 Joshua Husketh
B301-2004 August 2004 Joshua Johnson
B352-2004 September 2004 Jonathan Simpson
B358-2004 September 2004 Will Woolverton
B359-2004 September 2004 Morgan Moore
B409-2004 October 2004 Jeff Peters
B410-2004 October 2004 Paul Cranfill
B425-2004 October 2004 Jackson Duke
B491-2004 November 2004 Geoffrey Linder
B492-2004 November 2004 David White
B493-2004 November 2004 Jordan Hunt
B494-2004 November 2004 Doug Dolley
B495-2004 November 2004 Tim Hinman
B506-2004 November 2004 Shawn Lee
B507-2004 November 2004 Mark Dilillo
B526-2004 December 2004 Ryan Howard
B527-2004 December 2004 Kiah Bennett
B551-2004 December 2004 Eddie Schultz
B562-2004 December 2004 William Miller
B563-2004 December 2004 Jason Jindra
B564-2004 December 2004 Alex Miller

2003 Bronze Medal of Achievement Recipients

Medal Number Date Received Name of Recipient
B009-2003 May 2003 Joshua Horner
B011-2003 May 2003 Nicholas Harger
B012-2003 May 2003 Austin Crabtree
B013-2003 May 2003 Forrest Brown
B018-2003 June 2003 Jonathan Stewart
B019-2003 June 2003 Daniel Bryce
B021-2003 June 2003 Jerami Clary
B029-2003 July 2003 Austin Ruff
B030-2003 July 2003 Justin Millsap
B031-2003 July 2003 Alan Powell
B054-2003 August 2003 Michael Avrit
B055-2003 August 2003 Adam McCracken
B056-2003 August 2003 Joshua McCracken
B057-2003 August 2003 Johnathan Bailey
B068-2003 September 2003 Johnathan Savis
B069-2003 September 2003 Chris West
B070-2003 September 2003 Chase Gallops
B071-2003 September 2003 Brandon Strickland
B072-2003 September 2003 Curtis Woods
B077-2003 September 2003 Dillon Dickerson
B089-2003 September 2003 Peter Johnson
B090-2003 September 2003 Jarrod Wallis
B091-2003 September 2003 Rodney Henderson
B092-2003 September 2003 Shannon Quinn
B099-2003 October 2003 David Newsome
B112-2003 November 2003 Timothy Fauss
B119-2003 December 2003 Ian Reilly
B120-2003 December 2003 Jordan Chapman
B150-2003 December 2003 John Trower