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Background Checks on File

September 2019 - August 2020

Starting on 5/1/2019, any person age 18 or older must have a district background check on file to stay overnight on the district campgrounds. A pastor approval form is no longer valid. This will be rolled out for all events starting 5/1/2019.  For more information, please contact a District RR executive staff.

Last Updated 09/01/2019.


New Background Checks required for attending District Events
By Jonathan Trower, District Director

Protecting our kids is a very important part of the job of a Royal Rangers commander. We want to protect them from physical harm, and we need to also protect them from sexual abuse at any of our camps or outings. Earlier this year, our district implemented a new process for screening volunteers and workers at all of our district camps – kids and youth camp, Girls Ministries camps, and Royal Rangers camps.

This new procedure means that all adults (anyone 18 years old or older) will have to complete an online video training course and submit for an online background check each year before they are allowed to spend the night at a Royal Rangers camp. The video training course is very good, and is targeted to preventing sexual abuse of kids in camp settings. At the end of that course is a quiz that must be successfully completed.

The online background check will take two or three days for complete results to come back. Thus, it will be impossible to run this at camp for last minute walk-ins, or those who failed to complete it early. Failure to have a satisfactory background check completed will mean that adult will be unable to spend the night at camp.

The video training and background check are valid for one year, and then will have to be repeated. If you, or one of your leaders, has already completed this process earlier this year for kids or youth camp, or our JLDA in June, then it will not have to be repeated until next year.

When you register your outpost for Winter Camp, you must list the name and valid e-mail address for each adult who will attend. This will trigger two e-mails to those leaders, one for the video training course, the other for the background check.

If anything adverse shows up on the background check, the leader will be contacted by staff from the North Texas District Council office.

At camp, each adult will need to register individually at the registration building when they enter camp. Be prepared to show photo ID.

The bottom line is this: as a district, we want to do everything we can to keep your kids safe. This new process will help assure that outcome.


More information will be available soon.