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This website is here to help support the Royal Rangers ministry throughout the North Texas District.

GMA Ceremonies

The following GMA Ceremonies have been scheduled:

Recipient - Robbie Berrie. It will be held Sunday, November 9 at 4:00 p.m. at Pleasant Hills Children's Home in Fairfield. A dinner will follow. Everyone is invited to attend.

Recipients - Steven Castilleja and Case VanDover. It will be held Sunday, January 4 at 10:00 am (during morning service). First A/G is located at 11000 E. Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX, 75238.


During 2014, there has been 1 Honor GMA and 14 GMAs presented. (There were 36 GMAs presented in 2013.)

Boys Training

Dec 27-30 - Junior Leadership Training Academy (registration packet)


Leaders Training

Ranger Basics

Nov. 15 - Location: Waco. Please contact David Trower.


For additional training questions or to get a training class scheduled in your area, please contact Rick Adkinson.


Outpost Locator

Highlighted News


October 2014 NEEC Attendees

We would like to congratulate the following North Texas leaders for completing the October 2014 National Elementary Education Conference (NEEC).

  • Edward Byers Jr
  • Ricky Hughes
  • Vernon McCannon
  • Samantha Moss
  • Chris Parker
  • Curtis Parker
  • David Parks
  • Paul Polish
  • Raymond Pratt
  • Mike Rantala
  • George Salmeron
  • Aaron Scott
  • LaRae Shepherd
  • Tim Shepherd
  • Randall Van Heyst


District News Email

- News from October 15, 2014 - Find out more about upcoming events


Ranger Basics

Nov. 15 - Location: Waco. Please contact David Trower.


November 15 Work Day

We need all FCF members to help prepare the district campgrounds for this coming Winter Camp scheduled for November 21-23.  It is an FCF theme camp and there are a number of tasks FCF need to complete before the attendees start arriving.

We have scheduled November 15th as a work day to prepare our camp for Winter Camp. As of right now, here are tasks (more may get added).

1. The FCF Village at Winter Camp will surround the pageant site.

2. The village will need to be set-up on Saturday, November 15.

3. We need you to bring a work party to camp on this day  help set-up the pageant site with benches and village tents.

4. Our work day will begin on Saturday, November 15, at 8:00 am.

5. Additional work parties are needed to clean up the ditch work around the lodge.

6. More work parties are needed clean up the brush pile and mow.

7. A work party is needed to trim the pecan tree down the dirt road from the west side of the lodge.

8. The knife and hawk area will be on the north end of the FCF village and it ill need some type of physical boundary.

9. Clean restrooms and get them ready.

There will be plenty to do. Please bring your work crew down for the day. Lets work hard and impress the Winter Camp Attendees as they arrive . If you have questions about this workday, please contact Frank Super at


November 21-23 Winter Camp

Plan now on brtinging your outpost to this campout. There are lots of activities planned and cooler weather. Download and register your outpost today (PDF). Pre-Registration deadline is November 7th, with full payment.


2014 Winter JLTA

The Pre-Registration deadline for the Winter JLTA is December 1st. Please make sure you submit your applications early if you plan on attending. For questions, please contact David Wilson.

Download the registration today (pdf).


2014 Ranger Kids Day Camp Photos

The Ranger Kids Day Camp was successful. View the photos taken during the day camp.


Chartering Time

It is time for your outpost to charter for the 2014-2015 chartering year.  This chartering period will go from September 1, 2014 thru August 31, 2015. Click on the "Charter Now" icon below to find out more about chartering your outpost.


Thanks you to the following churches who have chartered for 9-2014 thru 8-2015 as of 10/27/2014.
OP# Church Name
3  Bethesda Community Church
9  Westwood Christian Fellowship of the A/G
14  First A/G
25  Christian Chapel A/G
32  Colleyville A/G
39  Gateway Church of the A/G
41  Evangel Temple A/G
51  The Grace Place
55  Christ Church A/G
72  Crossroads of Life A/G
86  Crossroads A/G
96  First A/G
103  Victorious Life A/G
145  Vida Life Church
147  The Destiny Center
185  The Church of Glad Tidings
192  First A/G
194  Lakeview A/G
202  First A/G
204  Christian Center A/G
209  Vision Church of the A/G
246  Grape Creek Family Fellowship of the A/G
253  Faith A/G
262  Bethel A/G
275  Snook A/G
322  Corner Point Church
336  First A/G
350  Faith Point
377  Connect Church
445  Church of Living Hope
531  Hilltop A/G
577  Lucas Christian Church
584  Lakeside Glory Church
585  Apostolic Lighthouse
591  Spirit Life Church Intl
592  Christian Outreach Center

NEW Royal Rangers GPH Catalog

The 2014-2015 GPH Royal Rangers Catalog has been released. Download it today.


Frontier Silver Merits

Twelve of the Sixteen Silver Frontier Merits have been release. View the list.


Misc. News

Online Training Available


Future 500

Future 500 Documentation (PDF)

The Royal Rangers Camp at Lakeview has been a blessing to the Royal Rangers of North Texas for many years. Our first building – the pavilion – was built in 1995, followed by the Ollie Henley Lodge, bathhouses, the first aid building, and other facilities. Maintenance of our existing buildings is funded in part by the Compass Program, where leaders pledge at least $10 per month. What the Compass Program doesn’t cover must be covered by other donations, or it must come out of camp fees that our boys pay.

There is no money in the Royal Rangers budget for enhancements to our existing facilities, or for the construction of new buildings. Those must be funded by gifts from individuals, outposts, churches, and businesses. We have a great need to put money into improving several of our buildings. For example:

  • 2014 In-Work - Divide the shower sides of existing bathhouses into men’s and boy’s sides so everyone can have showers 24 hours a day.

  • 2014 In-Work - Add a shower to the existing restroom in two of our buildings to make them more useful during our camps (guest quarters, staff quarters during boys’ camps)

  • 2014 In-Work - Renovate the kitchen in the lodge (needed for Pow Wow, our boys’ training camps, and other events held at Lakeview)

Projects that need funding

  • Extend water line into the North 40 (our new camping area) so campsites up there will have easy access to water

  • Replace existing water faucets around camp with all-weather water faucets (help prevent problems with freezing in the winter)

  • Better insulate existing buildings (will help with utility bills)

  • New roof on the store building

  • Foundation work on two of our existing bathhouses

  • Loads of gravel to fix our roads

  • Enhancements in our snack shack; siding and maintenance on the pavilion

Completed Tasks as of May 2014

  • Completed installation of propane hot water heaters in all bathhouses (means more hot water during camps)

“How can you help?” you may ask. The answer is by joining the North Texas Royal Rangers Future 500. Members pledge to give a minimum of $500 over the next 12 months to help fund these and other projects that will make our campground even better and more useful for the leaders and boys in Royal Rangers. If you can’t pledge that much, you can still help by presenting this need to your church or men’s group to see if they can pledge at least $500. Of course, gifts/pledges for more than $500 would be great too.

To make a pledge, you may fill out the form below or you may e-mail our district Royal Rangers director ( Once your pledge is received you will receive a commemorative Future 500 patch to show that you have joined with others from across the district to help continue the development of our campground.

When you send in a payment, send it to North Texas Royal Rangers, P.O. Box 838, Waxahachie, TX 75168-0838 and mark it for Royal Rangers Camp Improvements Fund 78-2011.

Future 500 Documentation (PDF)



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